A Change of Heart, 2012 video projection work, run time 15mins 59sec 24 frames A large letter-box format projection work, displayed using two HD projectors synchronized using two HDBlade players, projected onto black voile screen 2.5m x 6m, can be varied in size.

A figure, many figures, all the same one figure come and go many times across the screen; the figure naked vulnerable, is changing, always, changing, always changing, always morphing into something else. Where is the constant being, here everything is moving? Can you grasp it? Can you take it in? What is happening at that end, what is happening here? Each figure’s change is based on drawings made while listening over many days to taped interviews of patients post transplant. Listening to complex stories of lives changed, listening to the analysis of social scientists as they mapped the conversations; what is heard, what is gestured, said by the body? Here it is, this is what I heard; change, change, flux, everything in a sate of becoming, never, never static, never, never a bounded being. In my house everything comes and goes, in my house walls are permeable.

Exhibited at YYZ Gallery Toronto 2012, Black Box Concordia University Montreal and The City Space Winchester 2013, and PHI, part of DHC Montreal 2014.

see more images at scienceandart--andrew-carnie.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/hybrid-bodies-phi-gallery-montreal.html