Dark Garden: Told in a Different Way


Is a collaboration between visual artist Andrew Carnie and sound artists Matt Grover and Steve Bayley. Developed from a visual-only work by Andrew Carnie titled Dark Garden: Wired In A Different Way.

The piece contains extracts from interviews of Proff Francesca Happe and Dame Uta Frith both eminent scientists working in the field of autism. The track is woven together from the interviews in such a way that it reflects some of the issues discussed by the scientists in the interviews.

It was exhibited in Winchester Guildhall as part of 10 days Winchester Creative Collisions, 25 October to 3 November 2013. More information about 10 days can be found at 10dayswinchester.org


To fully experience the immersive quality of the sound, listen with good quality headphones or full range speakers.